Tuesday, September 22, 2015

League International for Creditors – LIC International

LIC is a world-wide association of 3700 professional collectors, lawyers and credit bureaus.  A number of these firms are confidential partners of consulates and embassies.

Membership into LIC isn’t guaranteed by submitting an application and fee like most professional associations, potential members must be invited by an existing member, submit proof of financial stability, and demonstrate compliance within its marketplace. Some of the benefits of membership include:

Worldwide professional network of debt collectors, covering more than 70 countries. The members have long, solid experiences within debt collection.
LIC provides expertise in the legal systems, rules of enforcement, customs and practices in our member countries, eliminating risk and creating a level playing field upon which to trade
Offering both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer/Individuals (B2C)
LIC members are experts in the language and cultures of their respective countries
LIC members can help you find acceptable solutions, even in disputed files and offer you full cost control. Never start any legal action without permission from the principal beforehand
Offering fixed / discounted prices – You do not need to spend time and effort to negotiate prices
League International for Creditors was founded for more than 50 years ago and all members are approved by the LIC Board. To be a member you need good references and a healthy economy
We try to get the costs paid by debtor and claim interest from due date until the debt is paid in accordance with local laws and regulations
Other services many of the LIC members offer:
o Legal and extra judicial assistance – access to extensive resources
o Visiting debtors, Call center, Credit information, Asset search, Address search, etc.

LIC members assist each other with $7 Billion in bad debts from over 150,000 exporters annually. Every second year members gather together for a General Assembly to exchange ideas and best practices as well as learn of updates from all jurisdictions as well as make or renew acquaintances.

Priority Credit Recovery (http://www.lic-international.com/canada/) is an active member of the League International for Creditors and is capable of administering your international debt collections almost anywhere in the world.